Executive Director’s Note

At MCRGO’s annual meeting last month, the focus was on building bridges to Generation Z. These are gun owners born in 1996 or later. They are the first generation of digital natives. Whereas Generation X and Millennials are considered digital pioneers who bore witness to the explosion of technology and social media, Generation Z was born into a world of peak technological innovation where information is immediately accessible and social media is pervasive.

Politically, Generation Z tends to be more socially libertarian than preceding generations. This is true even for those that identify as Republican or conservative. Along with supporting self-defense rights and free market economic principles, a focus on diversity and acceptance is the norm. This is the generation that grew up with America’s first Black president, the #MeToo movement, and the legalization of same-sex marriage and cannabis. Generation Z has little use for the liberal versus conservative divide that has dominated American politics in recent decades.

Ten years ago, MCRGO launched its Facebook page, a recasting of its previous internet chat group. However younger audiences no longer frequent Facebook much and are attracted instead to sites like Snapchat, Instagram, and especially TikTok which focus on videos under a minute long that have only seconds to capture the viewer’s attention and deliver their punch.

Looking even further into the future over the coming decade are augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and adaptive learning. We will be challenged as an organization to increase efficiency in time and cost, moving to full digitalization, adapting to these emerging social media trends, and the divergent interests of younger gun owners.

For some, these changes are exiting. For others, they are disturbing. Organizations like MCRGO must meet the demands of a younger audience in order to survive and grow. To that end, MCRGO is in the process of setting up a volunteer group comprised entirely of Generation Z members of the organization to advise the Board, staff, and committees.

If you were born in 1996 or later and would like to participate, please reach out to me at brady@mcrgo.org. I will provide you with the Whatsapp link for the Gen Z Advisory group.

-Brady Schickinger, Executive Director, MCRGO