Executive Director’s Message

MCRGO 2019 Annual Meeting Summary

The MCRGO Board of Directors met on Friday, December 6, 2019 at East Lansing for the 2019 Annual Meeting. 59 members attended in person with other 8 attending the live broadcast on MCRGO Coffee Table.

10,344 members as of 12.5.19 (8,331 on 12/1/18)

HB 5098: Vote to SUPPORT
HB 5116: Vote to SUPPORT
HB 5190: Vote to OPPOSE
HB 5272: Vote to SUPPORT
HB 5275-77: Vote OPPOSE
HB 5286: Vote to SUPPORT
SB 678-680: Vote to OPPOSE

Nate DeWeerd and Audree Danielson are appointed as Senior Master Instructors.

An Education Committee proposal for the allotment of Master Instructors was approved. Education Committee is to develop an application method for the appointment of vacancies.

All four 2019 officers were re-elected for 2020.

Marcy Jankovich (GOP), Bill Lavoy (DEM) and Matt Jackson (LIB) are appointed to MCRGO PAC for 2020.

Nancy Crenshaw is awarded the 2019 service recognition.

The small group round tables decided MCRGO should engage in increased marketing to build brand awareness, tell MCRGO’s story, further increase membership, and promote firearms education. The marketing should specifically target women, millennials, African-Americans, Realtors, churches, youth shooting sports, and home school parents. “Every Person” is suggested as the marketing message. Social media should be the dominant form of marketing.

For March meeting: Marketing budget for 2020.
For March meeting: Member proposal for new online store for MCRGO merchandise.
For March meeting: Fill Master Instructor vacancies.
For March meeting: Member proposal for MCRGO to have regular 3 year audits.
For March meeting: Member proposal for MCRGO to purchase directors and officers insurance.

Brady Schickinger, Executive Director