Executive Director’s Message

It’s election time again. This year, MCRGO’s 9,000+ member electors will choose over half the organization’s Board of Directors. And this year those elections are quite competitive with eleven candidates running for six positions along with the option of write-in candidates. There is also a by-law addition on the ballot and a general feedback section on the electronic version of the ballot.

In recent years, MCRGO has been presented with new legislative issues including Red Flag laws and permitless carry at a time when opposition from gun control groups has increased in the Michigan Legislature and the media. The organization has worked to respond through modernization including expanding its presence on social media, targeting diversity among firearms owners, and introducing a concealed pistol license training program. As a result of these changes, MCRGO membership has tripled over the past four years introducing many more people to the organization’s mission. Consequently, participation in the Board election will be broader than ever.

If you’ve received this issue of On Target by e-mail and are a current member, just past midnight on July 22, you also received an electronic ballot for the 2019 election. If you don’t have an e-mail on file, you may vote through the printed copy of this newsletter you received in the mail. Please contact me with any question you have about voting at 517-484-2746 or brady@mcrgo.org.

Brady Schickinger, Executive Director