Executive Director’s Message

Winter 2018

“What does my membership include?” It’s a common question we hear from new and prospective MCRGO members. Certain benefits such as the Ask an Attorney feature on the website, CMP affiliation, access to the MCRGO Coffee Table group on Facebook, the On Target newsletter, and the ability to become a MCRGO instructor are limited to members.

For most members, the main motivation to join MCRGO has been a personal commitment to our mutual two decade long struggle to reform Michigan gun laws. The methods developed by MCRGO’s founders have resulted in shall-issue concealed carry, preemption, the Castle Doctrine, Stand Your Ground, and most recently the elimination of county gun boards through CPL Reform. We continue to press on seeking provisional CPLs for 18-20 year olds, a general exemption to pistol free zones, permitless carry, expanded preemption, and an end to mandatory pistol registration. We recognize that most firearms laws that affect us personally come from the state level and as a organization we seek to encourage responsible armed self-defense.

At MCRGO’s annual meeting in December, we presented some impressive numbers. Due primarily to the training program, membership has grown 63% in the past year, reaching a 15 year high. We now have a healthy bank reserve. Board politics and professional staff management is running smoothly allowing for an easy leadership transition to new officers. And the training program is expanding with the addition of the Advanced Concealed Pistol License course. Our legislative agenda is the most aggressive it has been in a decade. The MCRGO Legal Foundation is actively working on several current cases.

The altruism of our existing members, while noble, is not enough to grow the organization however. And bigger numbers are very helpful in maintaining and improving firearms rights. Politics is a game of numbers and every member is needed and appreciated. So we’re asking you, what can MCRGO offer to you as a member to directly benefit you with your membership and aid in member retention and recruitment?

Would you benefit from a greater on-line presence such as the new YouTube training channel we launched? Do you prefer more in person events like the Fall Firearms Festival that was created last year? Are you looking for social meet ups with fellow members such as range days or regional lunches? Would you like a more formalized Ask an Instructor feature? What about club and firearms retailer discounts? Please e-mail any suggestions to Brady at brady@mcrgo.org or call us at (517) 484-2746.

Brady Schickinger, Executive Director