Executive Director’s Note

An estimated 25% of registered voters in Michigan are expected to participate in the primary election next month. It was only 17.4% in the last primary election with an incumbent governor.

Even with recent redistricting, the majority of legislative districts are not competitive between parties. As a result, the winning candidates in those districts will be effectively selected in August, not November. That means one quarter of eligible voters are picking most of our legislative representation.

My fellow MCRGO instructors and I have certified 37,000 new concealed pistol license holders over the past four years. Many of you are reading this newsletter. Along with obtaining your concealed pistol license, you have an even more important civic responsibility -VOTE!

Every election year, MCRGO-PAC sends out surveys to all the candidates for the Michigan Legislature. Because such a small percentage of eligible voters participate in primary elections, your choices as gun owners carry extra weight. Please review the ratings by MCRGO-PAC in the enclosed newsletter and make your selection based, at least in part, on the candidate’s positions on firearms issues.

With so much at stake over the next several years including permitless concealed carry, red flag laws, school security, and the impact of the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association decision on the states, the votes you cast on Tuesday, August 2 can have a profound impact on upcoming legislation.

-MCRGO-PAC Member & Instructor Stephen Alexander