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Places to Avoid While Armed

Certain businesses in Michigan have either posted no-guns ‘signs’ or have indicated in their ‘business policy’ that persons lawfully licensed to carry concealed firearms for self defense are not welcome on their property or within their place of business.

This policy of denying Michigan’s most upstanding and law abiding men and women the right to resist criminal attack while shopping or doing business does not create a safe environment, as only law-abiding citizens will obey their signs. “No-Guns” signs simply mean that criminals have a lot less to worry about and may even be emboldened to commit armed criminal acts in these so-called “gun free environments”.

Although most businesses in Michigan have chosen not to post discriminatory signs against concealed pistol license holders, some have. Even though these businesses have the right to post no firearms allowed signs, it does NOT mean that they are “gun free environments” as criminals intent on robbery, or worse, will continue to be armed.View List

MCRGO Legal Update

The MCRGO Foundation is engaged in legal strategy discussions with attorneys from allied firearms organizations to discuss the best path forward to countering attacks in Michigan on your self-defense rights.This includes attorneys from other states who are in the process of litigating similar gun control measures.Read More

Michigan & National News

How firearms could be confiscated under Michigan’s new ‘red flag’ law
2023/05/22 – Detroit News
Gretchen Whitmer signed legislation Monday into law that would allow judges to order the temporary confiscation of firearms from individuals in Michigan deemed a risk to themselves or others.

Letters to the Editor: Criminals won’t respect Detroit City Council’s ‘gun-free zone’
2023/05/21 – Detroit Free Press
How about just passing a Crime Free Zone law? Makes about as much sense as the proposal by City Council members to establish a “gun free zone.

State attorney general supports federal ban to sell handguns to those under 21
2023/05/19 – News Channel 3
Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel joined other attorneys general in supporting a federal ban on gun sales.

Federal judge in Virginia strikes down laws banning gun sales to adults under 21
2023/05/12 – Fox News
‘If the Court were to exclude 18-to-20-year-olds from the Second Amendment’s protection, it would impose limitations on the Second Amendment that do not exist with other constitutional guarantees,’ the judge wrote

GRPS bans backpacks after another gun found at school
2023/05/10 – WOOD TV 8
Grand Rapids Public Schools is banning backpacks from all schools after a third grader was found with a loaded gun at Stocking Elementary Wednesday, the fourth similar case this school year, the district said.