Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners

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“Promoting safe use and ownership of firearms through education, litigation, and legislation”
1996 – 2016

Places to Avoid While Armed

Certain businesses in Michigan have either posted no-guns ‘signs’ or have indicated in their ‘business policy’ that persons lawfully licensed to carry concealed firearms for self defense are not welcome on their property or within their place of business.

This policy of denying Michigan’s most upstanding and law abiding men and women the right to resist criminal attack while shopping or doing business does not create a safe environment, as only law-abiding citizens will obey their signs. “No-Guns” signs simply mean that criminals have a lot less to worry about and may even be emboldened to commit armed criminal acts in these so-called “gun free environments”.

Although most businesses in Michigan have chosen not to post discriminatory signs against concealed pistol license holders, some have. Even though these businesses have the right to post no firearms allowed signs, it does NOT mean that they are “gun free environments” as criminals intent on robbery, or worse, will continue to be armed.View List

Executive Director’s Message

It’s election time again. This year, MCRGO’s 9,000+ member electors will choose over half the organization’s Board of Directors. And this year those elections are quite competitive with eleven candidates running for six positions along with the option of write-in candidates. There is also a by-law addition on the ballot and a general feedback section on the electronic version of the ballot. Read More

Michigan & National News

Retail Store Policies on allowing guns in stores.
2019/09/07 – Crime Prevention Research Center
Only one retailer bans guns in their stores. While a number don’t allow open carrying of guns, that is not the most important type of carrying of guns.

Michigan school may allow employees to carry guns on school property
2019/09/06 – MLive
Should Addison Community Schools employees carry guns while they’re at school?

Michigan GOP leaders: Take your ‘sensible gun control’ and shove it
2019/09/05 – Detroit Free Press
Lansing is lurching toward a government shutdown, the auto industry is girding for a strike, and Michiganders seem more worried about a far-away hurricane than the prospect of a mass shooting close to home.

Stabenow says nation needs better background checks, not assault weapons
2019/09/04 – MLive
U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow called gun violence a public health care priority for Congress when she appeared at a forum in Flint Wednesday, Sept. 4, and said there’s no lawful need for assault weapons.

Bill would exempt Michigan sales tax from firearms and ammunition
2019/08/29 – ABC 12
An Upper Peninsula lawmaker believes Michigan residents shouldn’t have to pay sales tax to exercise their Second Amendment rights to bear arms.