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Eighth Circuit Panel Strikes Down Minnesota Ban Against Issuing Carry Permits to 18-20-Year-Olds
2024/07/17 – Breitbart
A three-judge panel for the United State Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit on Tuesday found that Minnesota’s ban against 18-20 year-olds seeking permits to carry handguns for self defense is unconstitutional.

What Can Church Security Teams Learn from the Assassination Attempt on Former President
2024/07/14 – Christian Warrior Training
On July 13, 2024, former President Donald Trump survived an assassination attempt at a campaign rally held at the Butler Farm Show grounds in Butler, Pennsylvania. As Trump began his speech, gunfire erupted from an elevated position, resulting in the deaths of the shooter and one other person, and critically injuring two attendees. President Trump survived with a grazing wound to his ear, one bystander was critically wounded, and another succumbed to his injuries.

Report: More Than 10 Million Gun Owners/Hunters Not Registered to Vote
2024/07/12 – Breitbart
For example, there are “515,277 [unregistered gun owners and hunters] in Pennsylvania and around 370,000 each in Michigan and North Carolina. Georgia, Wisconsin, Missouri and Virginia all have more than half a million hunters and gun owners unregistered, and Arizona has the smallest shortfall at 133,000.”

Gun Safety Group To Give 1,750 Detroit-Area Women FREE Shooting Lessons July 27th, 28th
2024/07/10 – AmmoLand
Legally Armed In Detroit, a gun safety advocacy group, has announced that it will provide a free firearm shooting lesson at a southeast Michigan target range for 1,750 women interested in learning more about firearms and personal protection.

RI-60 Firearms Sales Record