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Places to Avoid While Armed

Certain businesses in Michigan have either posted no-guns ‘signs’ or have indicated in their ‘business policy’ that persons lawfully licensed to carry concealed firearms for self defense are not welcome on their property or within their place of business.

This policy of denying Michigan’s most upstanding and law abiding men and women the right to resist criminal attack while shopping or doing business does not create a safe environment, as only law-abiding citizens will obey their signs. “No-Guns” signs simply mean that criminals have a lot less to worry about and may even be emboldened to commit armed criminal acts in these so-called “gun free environments”.

Although most businesses in Michigan have chosen not to post discriminatory signs against concealed pistol license holders, some have. Even though these businesses have the right to post no firearms allowed signs, it does NOT mean that they are “gun free environments” as criminals intent on robbery, or worse, will continue to be armed.View List

MCRGO Board Election 2021

MCRGO is a member-based, member-driven, member-run organization. The organization’s governing body, the MCRGO Board of Directors is an 11 person team elected by members from the organization’s membership. The board meets at least quarterly, most commonly by conference call, and annually at Lansing in early December for the membership’s annual meeting. All current members as of July 1, 2021 are welcome to run for the board. For the 2021 election, one member will be elected representing each of the five geographic regions.Read More

Michigan & National News

Senate’s latest attempt at a gun control deal falls apart
2021/06/09 – Politico
The Senate’s latest bipartisan attempt to shape a gun control bill came to an end Wednesday as the Democrat and Republican leading the push for a compromise abandoned their effort.

Gun Industry Programs Result in Lowest Accidental Firearms Death Total Since 1903
2021/06/08 – Truth About Guns
All of these initiatives are industry-led efforts and have a proven track record of success. These programs have led to the lowest level of accidental firearm fatalities in America since the data was first recorded in 1903.

Why “Shall Not Be Infringed” Isn’t The Best Argument For Gun Rights
2021/06/07 – Bearing Arms
“What part of ‘shall not be infringed’ do you not understand?” I’ve seen this presented as an argument against gun control many times. I agree with the sentiment completely and totally. However, it’s also an argument that doesn’t really need to be made.

California Assault Weapons Ban Struck Down
2021/06/04 – The Reload
A federal judge ruled Friday that California’s “assault weapons” ban is unconstitutional. The court found the state’s ban on the sale of AR-15s and other popular rifles violated the Second Amendment. Judge Roger Benitez ruled the guns targeted by California are in common use. He said the state ran afoul of the Constitution in restricting access to them.

Amid Biden gun control push, firearm sales surge
2021/06/03 – Washington Examiner
May gun sales nationally surged, in a time period directly after President Joe Biden promoted new gun control measures.