MCRGO-PAC 2020 Candidate Ratings

Candidates filing for state representative for the August 2020 primary were asked to fill out a short 10 question yes/no survey sent to their campaign mailing address on file with the Michigan Secretary of State Bureau of Elections. Candidates are rated based on their responses to this survey. Each response that differed from MCRGO’s position was marked down one letter grade. Incumbents had their ratings adjusted based on their vote on House Bill 4434 with incumbents voting against the bill receiving an F rating and those voting for the bill receiving a + if they also returned a survey. You can view the 2020 MCRGO-PAC Candidate Survey HERE.

Candidate surveys had a postmark deadline of June 29, 2020. Late or revised candidate surveys received after that date but before the date of the primary election are marked as LATE or REVISED. Candidates who fail to submit a survey before the August primary or who score less than a B rating on their survey are ineligible for endorsement in the general election. Ratings and endorsements are made objectively by a balanced multi-partisan PAC committee with no preference shown for political affiliation. MCRGO members may inquire about the reasoning for a rating for their legislative district by e-mailing Please provide your MCRGO membership number when making an inquiry. MCRGO-PAC does not endorse in local, judicial, or federal races. For U.S. Senate and U.S House races, please consult the NRA-PVF endorsements HERE.

You can view your sample ballot (including districts) HERE.

The lack of a rating for a candidate means that the candidate failed to submit a survey.

MCRGO-PAC’s 2020 Michigan House Candidate Ratings:

3 DEM Cromer, John F
4 REP Weathington, Howard B
4 DEM Holmes, Delorean C
4 DEM Kimpson, Frazier H. F
7 DEM Thomas, Anistia F
9 DEM Ogburn, Roslyn M. D
10 DEM Cavanagh, Mary F
11 REP Townsend, James C. B
13 DEM Colovos, Bill B
13 DEM Liberati, Tullio C
17 REP Bellino, Jr., Joe A+
18 REP Babat, Michael B
18 REP Timmon, Christine F
19 REP Crider, Penny A
19 REP Ptashnik, Martha A
19 REP Gargus, Regina C
19 DEM Pohutsky, Laurie F
20 DEM Koleszar, Matt F
21 REP Hess, Laurel C
22 REP Bonnell, Jeff A
22 DEM Nelson, Ryan F
24 REP Revoir, William J. D
24 DEM Bronson, Alex F
25 REP Early, Jazmine M. A
25 REP Wiley, Adam A
25 REP Smith, Paul M. D
27 DEM Stoel, Matt A
28 DEM Stone, Lori M. F
31 DEM Sowerby, William J. F
33 DEM Jabari, Olu F
34 DEM Perkins-Milton, Claudia F
36 REP Wozniak, Douglas C. A+
36 DEM Murphy, Robert B
37 DEM Bridges, Michael F
40 DEM Manoogian, Mari F
41 DEM Kuppa, Padma F
42 REP Bollin, Ann A+
45 REP Tisdel, Mark C
46 REP Reilly, John A+
47 REP Bezotte, Robert J. A
47 REP Reckling, Meghan A
48 REP Cross, Sherri J. C
50 REP Fitchett-Hickson, Christina A
50 DEM Freiberger, Raymond F
50 REP Freiberger, Lynne F
52 DEM Lasinski, Donna F
53 REP Holland, Jean E. A
53 DEM Rabhi, Yousef F
54 DEM Peterson, Ronnie Dean F
56 REP Clements, TC A
56 DEM Kitchens, Keith W. F
58 REP Fink, Andrew A
58 REP Wiseley, Daren A
58 REP Welden, Andy B
59 REP Hinkle, Daniel A
59 REP Balog, Allen J. B
60 REP Mitchell, Gary A
61 REP Graham, Tom C
62 REP Morgan, Dave A
63 DEM Hawkins, Ron A
63 REP Hall, Matt A+
64 REP Alexander, Julie A+
65 DEM Rowland, Dave B
67 REP Ross, Nate J. C
67 DEM Hope, Kara F
68 REP Atkinson, Robert J. A
68 DEM Anthony, Sarah F
69 DEM Brixie, Julie F
70 REP Puckerin, Arturo A
70 REP Ross, Martin A
71 REP Barnes, Christine A
71 REP Johnsen, Gina A
73 REP Posthumus, Bryan A
73 REP Regan, Robert A
74 REP Huizenga, Mark C+
76 REP Zandstra, Doug D
76 DEM Hood, Rachel F
77 REP Brann, Tommy C+
79 REP Wendzel, Pauline A+
80 REP Whiteford, Mary A+
81 REP Eisen, Gary R. A+
82 DEM Hausauer, Kurt B
82 REP Howell, Gary B+
83 REP Alexander, Gregory L. A
83 REP Keller, Tim A
83 REP Beeler, Andrew A
84 REP Green, Phil A+
85 REP Frederick, Ben A+
86 REP Albert, Thomas A. A+
88 REP Meerman, Luke A+
90 REP Slagh, Bradley A+
92 REP Del Percio, Michael A
92 REP Haueisen, Michael L. A
93 DEM Rais, Muhammad Salman B
94 DEM Seamon, Kevin C. A
94 REP Wakeman, Rodney A+
95 DEM Graham, James M. B
95 REP Demaet, Charlotte F
98 REP Glenn, Annette A+
100 REP Sebolt, Andrew A
100 REP VanSingel, Scott A. A+
101 REP O’Malley, Jack A+
102 DEM Siggins, Amanda F
103 REP Stefanko, Gary F. B
104 REP Roth, John R. A
105 DEM Burke, Jonathan A
105 REP Borton, Ken A
106 REP Allor, Sue A+
107 REP Damoose, John N. A
107 REP Fisher, Sue A
107 REP Lieurance, Damon A
107 REP Twardy, Kathy A
107 REP Laughbaum, David James C
107 DEM Page, Jim F
108 REP LaFave, Beau Matthew A+
110 REP Markkanen, Gregory A+