MCRGO-PAC 2024 Primary Ratings

MCRGO-PAC runs an objective and straightforward primary ratings process. Ratings and endorsements are made with no preference shown for political affiliation. No direct bias is given to incumbents over their challengers although incumbents with a clear pro-gun or anti-gun legislative history have their ratings adjusted as a result of that history.

The MCRGO Board of Directors appointed the MCRGO-PAC at its regular spring meeting from a pool of volunteers solicited early in the year through the MCRGO Monday E’News. MCRGO-PAC for 2024 consists of MCRGO Instructor Cat Collige (Democratic), MCRGO Instructor Lamonte Suave Bascomb (Republican), and MCRGO member Bill Karczewski (Independent). MCRGO-PAC operates independently to protect the process from undue influence both from within and outside of MCRGO.

Because MCRGO is a state organization, MCRGO-PAC is focused on candidates for state office, primarily the Michigan Legislature. MCRGO-PAC may endorse for other state offices. MCRGO-PAC does not endorse for local offices or judicial elections other than the Michigan Supreme Court. Federal candidates are endorsed by NRA-PVF.

Candidates running in the August 2024 Michigan House of Representatives primary election were mailed a ten question survey in late April with a due date of Monday, June 24, 2024. MCRGO will continue to accept surveys past the due date and provide updated ratings on-line. Surveys are not accepted after the primary in order to prevent candidates from shifting their positions for electoral advantage between their partisan primary and the general election. There are no outright endorsements in the primary election. Instead, candidates are rated based on their responses to the survey. Incumbent candidates will have their rating adjusted based on their votes, sponsorship, and co-sponsorship of firearms related legislation over the current legislative session. Candidates who fail to return a survey are not rated.

The questions on the survey measure the candidate’s general philosophical support for the Second Amendment and Article 1, Section 6 of the Michigan Constitution as well as contemporary firearms policy. For each question answered incorrectly, the candidate is marked down one letter grade. A perfect score of 10/10 is an A rating, a 9/10 is a B rating, etc. Any score of 6/10 or less results in a F rating. To ensure the candidate is reading and understanding the questions, not all correct responses are Yes answers. The survey is kept as short and simple as possible to increase the return rate. In 2024, roughly one third of candidates returned a survey. As one would expect, candidates favoring gun control and candidates running in the primary but not seriously pursuing election tend not to respond. MCRGO-PAC does not make financial contributions to candidates or engage in mailings or emails in support of individual candidates.

Candidate ratings for the primary election are published online at the beginning of July to assist early voters. MCRGO-PAC will use these ratings to make endorsements for the general election.

Endorsements for the Michigan Legislature will be available by Labor Day. 

2 GOP Kokinda, Ronald A
2 DEM Liberati, Jr., Tullio B
4 GOP Wells, Tonya Renay E
5 GOP Sears, Will A
10 GOP Wojtowicz, Griffin A
11 GOP Walker, Dale J. A
13 GOP Foster, Mark T. A
13 GOP Bowl Bilello, Jerrie B
13 DEM Johnson Singleton, Patricia F
15 GOP Gardner, Gary Edward A
16 DEM Windham, Keith F
20 GOP Barbe, Hermon B
21 GOP Konesky, Thomas A
22 GOP Charette, Christian A
22 GOP Stathakis, Adam A. A
23 GOP Stamp, David A
24 GOP Scott, Leonard C. B
25 GOP Powell, Josh A
25 DEM Hines, Melandie Yvonne B
26 GOP Gorman, Jeff A
28 GOP Socia, Beth Ann A
28 GOP Thompson, Jamie A+
29 GOP DeSana, James A+
31 GOP Biniecki, Dale A
34 GOP Jenkins-Arno, Nancy A
35 GOP Wortz, Jennifer A
36 GOP Perez, Frank A
36 GOP Carra, Steve A+
37 GOP Paquette, Brad A+
38 GOP Lucas, George A
38 GOP Whiteford, Kevin A
39 GOP Overton, Richard A
39 GOP Wendzel, Pauline A+
40 DEM Brayton, Lisa B
41 GOP Haines, Terry A
41 GOP Sabel, Nicole C. A
42 GOP Cutshaw, Rich A
42 GOP Hall, Matt A+
43 GOP Smit, Rachelle B+
44 GOP Harris, Alexander W. B
45 GOP Lightner, Sarah A+
47 GOP Spiegelberg, Teresa F
48 GOP Beliger, Tawn A
48 GOP Ignatowski, Brian A
49 GOP Bollin, Ann A+
50 GOP Lyke, Kristina A
50 GOP Woolford, Jason A
51 GOP Maddock, Matt A+
52 GOP Harris, Mike A+
55 GOP Tisdel, Mark B+
56 GOP Kniffen, Dave A
59 GOP Wozniak, Douglas C. A+
60 GOP Aragona, Joseph A+
60 DEM Fraley, Shelly F
64 GOP Geiersbach, Dan A
64 GOP Maxon, Ryan A
64 GOP Pavlov, Joseph G. A
64 GOP Eisen, Gary R. A+
64 DEM Castillo, Mathew B
65 GOP Greene, Jaime A+
65 DEM Tomczak, Shirley F
66 GOP LeVasseur, Randy A
66 GOP Schriver, Josh A+
67 GOP Green, Phil A+
68 GOP Martin, David A+
70 DEM Clack, Michael Floyd C
71 GOP BeGole, Brian A+
74 GOP Izzo, Tom A
77 GOP DeRose, Julie L. A
78 GOP Rocha, Jon A
78 GOP Johnsen, Gina A+
79 GOP Rigas, Angela A+
81 GOP Youngquist, Jordan B
83 GOP Brann, Tommy D
84 GOP Wetzel, John A
85 GOP Slagh, Bradley A+
86 GOP DeBoer, Nancy A+
89 GOP Meerman, Luke A+
91 GOP Outman, Pat A+
92 GOP Neyer, Jerry A+
93 GOP Kelly, Tim A
95 GOP Schuette, Bill G. A+
96 GOP Fowler, Chaz A
97 GOP Bierlein, Matthew A+
98 GOP Alexander, Gregory L. A+
100 GOP Kunse, Tom A+
101 DEM Crain, Christopher R. A
101 GOP McDonald, Brandon Scott A
101 GOP Fox, Joseph D. A+
102 GOP VanderWall, Curt A+
103 GOP Kniss, Katie A
103 GOP Trombley, Lisa A
104 GOP Marcus, Christian A
104 DEM Knight, Larry F
105 GOP Borton, Ken A+
106 GOP Smalenberg, Todd J. A
106 GOP Cavitt, Cam A+
106 DEM Borenstein, Trina F
108 GOP Prestin, Dave A+
109 DEM Girard, Randy A
109 GOP Bohnak, Karl A
109 GOP Mason, Burt A
109 GOP Wagner, Melody A
110 GOP Markkanen, Gregory J. A+