MCRGO-PAC 2022 Primary Ratings

MCRGO-PAC only provides candidate ratings for Michigan legislative elections. MCRGO-PAC does not rate or endorse for local elections, judicial elections, or federal elections. MCRGO-PAC may endorse candidates for statewide races for the November general election.

Michigan legislative candidates running for the August 2022 primary were asked to fill out a 10 question YES/NO survey. Surveys were due by Monday, June 27, 2022. Candidates are rated based on their responses to this survey. There are no outright endorsements in the primary election. No ratings will be adjusted, added, or removed following the Friday preceding the August primary election. Candidates who fail to submit a survey will not receive a rating or be eligible for endorsement in the general election. Endorsements for the November general election will be based off of ratings from the primary election along with any bill sponsorships or votes that occur after the primary election (for incumbents). Ratings and endorsements are made by a balanced multi-partisan committee with no preference shown for political affiliation. No direct bias is given to incumbents over their challengers although endorsements may factor in a pro-gun legislative voting history.

Unlisted candidates failed to return a survey. Ratings with an asterisk* are a result of late surveys or revised surveys submitted after the deadline. Current members of MCRGO may inquire about the reason behind candidate ratings in their district by emailing


Senate 1 Democratic Liberati, Frank F
Senate 2 Republican Sawicki, Harry T. B
Senate 4 Republican Frazier, Michael A
Senate 4 Republican Socia, Beth B
Senate 5 Republican Bauman, Emily B
Senate 6 Republican Crider, Ken A
Senate 7 Democratic Foster, Ryan B
Senate 9 Republican Webber, Michael A
Senate 10 Republican Smith, Paul M. C
Senate 11 Republican MacDonald, Mike A
Senate 11 Democratic Owens, Monique F
Senate 12 Republican Hornberger, Pamela A
Senate 13 Republican Rhines, Jason A
Senate 16 Republican Clements, TC A
Senate 16 Republican Bellino, Jr., Joseph A
Senate 17 Republican LaSata, Kim A
Senate 18 Republican Albert, Thomas A. A
Senate 18 Republican Mancinelli, Ryan P. A
Senate 19 Republican Mitchell, Tamara A
Senate 22 Republican Theis, Lana L. A
Senate 23 Republican Runestad, Jim A
Senate 26 Republican Daley, Kevin A
Senate 28 Democratic Rais, Muhammad Salman C
Senate 32 Republican Bumstead, Jon C. A
Senate 32 Republican Ritchard, Charles B
Senate 32 Democratic Sabo, Terry J. F
Senate 33 Republican Outman, Rick A
Senate 33 Democratic Bignell, Mark F
Senate 35 Republican Glenn, Annette A
Senate 35 Republican Kelly, Tim A
Senate 35 Republican Velasquez, Christian A
Senate 36 Democratic Sheltrown, Joel A. A
Senate 36 Republican Hoitenga, Michele A
Senate 37 Republican Cole, Triston A
Senate 37 Republican Damoose, John N. A
House 2 Republican Kokinda, Ronald A
House 2 Democratic Liberati Jr., Tullio D
House 4 Republican Wells, Tonya Renay B
House 5 Republican Taros, Paul A
House 11 Republican Foster, Mark T. D
House 13 Republican Singer, Ronald A. A
House 17 Republican Crider, Penny A
House 19 Republican Paesano, Anthony B
House 20 Republican Mohyi, Diana Theresa C
House 21 Republican Staudt, David A
House 23 Republican Sharland, Richard L. A
House 24 Republican Anthony, John C
House 25 Republican Barlow, Scott T. A
House 26 Republican Townsend, James C. B
House 27 Republican Werner, Lisa A
House 27 Republican Counts, Kevin B
House 27 Republican Kachinosky, Dave B
House 28 Republican Thompson, Jamie A
House 28 Republican Ammerman, Virgie M. C
House 29 Republican Ditzhazy, Sam A
House 29 Democratic Garza, Alex B
House 29 Republican Richert, Jack C
House 30 Republican Bruck, William B
House 31 Republican Biniecki, Dale A
House 31 Republican Vallade, Holli B
House 33 Republican Borer III, Robert A
House 34 Republican Rank, Ryan A
House 34 Republican Zorn, Dale W. A
House 35 Republican Fink, Andrew A
House 36 Republican Carra, Steve A
House 38 Republican Lucas, George Steven A
House 38 Republican Whiteford, Kevin A
House 39 Republican Wendzel, Pauline A
House 39 Republican Nilson, Matt B
House 40 Republican Sackett, Kelly A
House 41 Republican Haines, Terry A
House 42 Republican Hall, Matt A
House 42 Republican Mitchell, Gary A
House 43 Republican Kronemeyer, Lindsay A
House 43 Republican Smit, Rachelle A*
House 44 Republican Morgan, Dave A
House 45 Republican Lightner, Sarah D
House 46 Republican Schmaltz, Kathy A
House 46 Republican Hugle, Kimberly Sheppard B
House 47 Republican Bednarski-Lynch, Tina A
House 49 Republican Bollin, Ann A
House 50 Democratic Miller, Glen A
House 53 Republican Bartolotta, Anthony M. B
House 54 Republican Kiesel, Sandy A
House 54 Republican Steele, Donni A
House 56 Republican Gunn, Mark C
House 57 Republican Kuhn, Thomas E. A
House 58 Republican Smith, Michelle A
House 59 Republican Wozniak, Douglas C. A
House 61 Republican Aiello, Mike A
House 62 Republican Marino, Joe A
House 63 Republican DeBoyer, Jay A
House 64 Republican Eisen, Gary R. C
House 65 Republican Greene, Jaime A
House 65 Republican Pratt, Michael J. A
House 65 Democratic Majchrzak, Robert F
House 66 Republican Arendoski, Andrew A
House 67 Republican Green, Phil A
House 67 Republican Cross, Sherri J. B
House 68 Democratic Freiberger, Raymond D
House 68 Republican Freiberger, Lynne D
House 68 Republican Swanson, Kristen D
House 68 Republican Martin, David W. A
House 70 Republican Berryhill, Trevor A
House 71 Republican Carlin, Bob A
House 72 Republican Pescarolo, Dylan J. A
House 73 Republican Shinkle, Norm A
House 76 Republican Whittum, Jeremy A
House 78 Republican Barnes, Christine E. A
House 78 Republican Rocha, Jon A
House 79 Republican Keeler, Jeremiah A
House 79 Republican Rigas, Angela A
House 82 Republican Alexander, William B
House 84 Republican Wetzel, John A
House 84 Republican Milanowski Jr., Mike B
House 85 Republican Slagh, Bradley B
House 86 Democratic Jackson, Larry D. F
House 88 Republican Bricker, Mick A
House 88 Democratic Noel, Jeffrey C
House 89 Republican Meerman, Luke A*
House 90 Republican Clark, Kathy B
House 92 Republican Haymaker, Gene A
House 92 Republican Schorle, Todd A
House 92 Republican Neyer, Jerry B
House 95 Republican Schuette, Bill G. A
House 97 Republican Bierlein, Matthew B
House 97 Republican Riley, Dean C
House 98 Republican Tahash, Westley D. A
House 98 Republican O’Mara, Joe B
House 99 Republican Hoadley, Mike A
House 100 Republican Kunse, Tom B
House 101 Republican Fox, Joseph D. A
House 102 Republican Sebolt, Andrew A
House 102 Republican VanderWall, Curt A
House 102 Democratic Hosticka, Brian F
House 104 Republican Kniss, Katie B
House 105 Republican Borton, Ken A
House 105 Republican Randall, Diane A
House 105 Republican Morley, Kim D
House 106 Republican Hull, Larry A
House 106 Republican Cavitt, Cam B
House 107 Republican Friske, Neil W. A
House 107 Republican Laughbaum, David James A
House 107 Democratic Decker, Jodi F
House 108 Republican Prestin, David B
House 108 Democratic Lopez, Chris C
House 109 Republican Wagner, Melody A
House 109 Republican Gray, Ron B