MCRGO-PAC 2022 Endorsements

MCRGO-PAC endorses for the general election based on objective criteria without regard for political party, incumbency, or the partisan leaning of a legislative district. Endorsements are made by a balanced multi-partisan committee.

MCRGO-PAC’s focus is on state government. MCRGO-PAC does not rate or endorse for local elections, federal elections, or judicial elections other than for the Michigan Supreme Court.

All endorsed candidates for the Michigan Legislature participated in MCRGO-PAC’s primary election survey and received an A or B rating indicating strong support for self-defense rights. Consequently, endorsements are not made for every legislative district.

MCRGO-PAC has endorsed Tudor Dixon for governor. Dixon is the first major party nominee for governor to go on written record in support of constitutional carry.

MCRGO-PAC has endorsed Matt DePerno for Attorney General. DePerno is a constitutionalist who will defend our civil liberties. His incumbent opponent has engaged in unprecedented abuse of that office to attack self-defense rights.

MCRGO-PAC has endorsed incumbent Supreme Court Justice Brian Zahra and candidate Kerry Lee Morgan. Zahra has been an ally of gun owners while serving on the Supreme Court. Kerry Lee Morgan has a long history of support for our cause including his recent authorship of an amicus brief in Wade v. University of Michigan.

In Senate District 36, MCRGO-PAC has co-endorsed both Rep. Michele Hoitenga and former Rep. Joel Sheltrown. Both candidates received A ratings on their primary survey and have outstanding pro-Second Amendment legislative records. Sheltrown is a past president of MCRGO.

Governor Statewide Tudor Dixon R
Attorney General Statewide Matthew DePerno R
Supreme Court Statewide Brian Zahra R
Supreme Court Statewide Kerry Lee Morgan L
Senate 2 Harry T. Sawicki R
Senate 5 Emily Bauman R
Senate 6 Ken Crider R
Senate 9 Michael Webber R
Senate 11 Mike MacDonald R
Senate 12 Pamela Hornberger R
Senate 13 Jason Rhines R
Senate 16 Joseph Bellino, Jr. R
Senate 18 Thomas A. Albert R
Senate 19 Tamara Mitchell R
Senate 22 Lana Theis R
Senate 23 Jim Runestad R
Senate 26 Kevin Daley R
Senate 32 Jon Bumstead R
Senate 33 Rick Outman R
Senate 35 Annette Glenn R
Senate 36 Michele Hoitenga R
Senate 36 Joel Sheltrown D
Senate 37 John Damoose R
House 4 Tonya Renay Wells R
House 5 Paul Taros R
House 13 Ronald A. Singer R
House 17 Penny Crider R
House 19 Anthony Paesano R
House 21 David Staudt R
House 23 Richard L. Sharland R
House 25 Scott T. Barlow R
House 26 James C. Townsend R
House 28 Jamie Thompson R
House 29 Alex Garza D
House 30 William Bruck R
House 31 Dale Biniecki R
House 33 Robert Borer III R
House 34 Dale W. Zorn R
House 35 Andrew Fink R
House 36 Steve Carra R
House 38 Kevin Whiteford R
House 39 Pauline Wendzel R
House 40 Kelly Sackett R
House 41 Terry Haines R
House 42 Matt Hall R
House 43 Rachelle Smit R
House 44 Dave Morgan R
House 46 Kathy Schmaltz R
House 47 Tina Bednarski-Lynch R
House 49 Ann Bollin R
House 50 Glen Miller D
House 53 Anthony M. Bartolotta R
House 54 Donni Steele R
House 57 Thomas E. Kuhn R
House 58 Michelle Smith R
House 59 Doug Wozniak R
House 61 Mike Aiello R
House 63 Jay DeBoyer R
House 65 Jamie Greene R
House 67 Phil Green R
House 68 David W. Martin R
House 73 Norm Shinkle R
House 76 Jeremy Whittum R
House 79 Angela Rigas R
House 84 Mike Milanowski Jr. R
House 85 Bradley Slagh R
House 89 Luke Meerman R
House 92 Jerry Neyer R
House 95 Bill G. Schuette R
House 97 Matthew Bierlein R
House 99 Mike Hoadley R
House 100 Tom Kunse R
House 101 Joseph D. Fox R
House 102 Curt VanderWall R
House 105 Ken Borton R
House 106 Cam Cavitt R
House 107 Neil W. Friske R
House 108 David Prestin R
House 109 Melody Wagner R