Candidates filing for state representative for the August 2020 primary were asked to fill out a short 10 question yes/no survey sent to their campaign mailing address on file with the Michigan Secretary of State Bureau of Elections. Candidates were rated based on their responses to this survey. Candidates who fail to submit a survey before the August primary or who scored less than a B rating on their survey are ineligible for endorsement in the general election. Ratings and endorsements are made objectively by a balanced multi-partisan PAC committee with no preference shown for political affiliation. MCRGO-PAC does not endorse in local, judicial, or federal races. For U.S. Senate and U.S House races, please consult the NRA-PVF endorsements HERE. You can view your sample ballot (including districts) HERE.

MCRGO 2020 General Election Endorsements

4 Weathington, Howard
11 Townsend, James C.
17 Bellino, Jr., Joe
18 Babat, Michael
19 Ptashnik, Martha
36 Wozniak, Douglas C.
42 Bollin, Ann
46 Reilly, John
47 Bezotte, Robert J.
50 Fitchett-Hickson, Christina
53 Holland, Jean E.
56 Clements, TC
58 Fink, Andrew
60 Mitchell, Gary
62 Morgan, Dave
63 Hall, Matt
64 Alexander, Julie
68 Atkinson, Robert J.
71 Johnsen, Gina
73 Posthumus, Bryan
79 Wendzel, Pauline
80 Whiteford, Mary
81 Eisen, Gary R.
82 Howell, Gary
83 Beeler, Andrew
84 Green, Phil
85 Frederick, Ben
86 Albert, Thomas A.
88 Meerman, Luke
90 Slagh, Bradley
92 Haueisen, Michael L.
94 Wakeman, Rodney
98 Glenn, Annette
100 VanSingel, Scott A.
101 O’Malley, Jack
104 Roth, John R.
105 Burke, Jonathan
105 Borton, Ken
106 Allor, Sue
107 Damoose, John N.
108 LaFave, Beau Matthew
110 Markkanen, Gregory