Step 1: Take a MCRGO CPL Class

The first step is to complete the statutorily required class. Concealed pistol license classes are frequently offered throughout the state every week and can be found HERE. Classes last around 8 hours. This includes a 5 hour classroom portion teaching ammunition knowledge and the fundamentals of pistol shooting; pistol shooting positions; firearms law; and avoiding a criminal attack and controlling a violent confrontation. The class will also include at least 3 hours of instruction on a shooting range. The cost of a CPL class will vary significantly with the median cost being between $50-$150 depending on the facility and amenities offered. If you can’t find a currently scheduled class near you, you can find MCRGO instructors in your area HERE.

So, why choose a MCRGO CPL class? MCRGO is Michigan’s largest non-profit firearms organization and the largest state-based firearms organization in the country. The organization is non-partisan and has an active focus on increasing diversity. The great majority of firearms laws that affect you come from our state constitution and state laws rather than the federal government. This includes our right to carry for self-defense both openly and concealed. MCRGO led the effort to win shall-issue concealed carry in Michigan, to achieve preemption and the Castle Doctrine, and most recently CPL Reform including the elimination of discriminatory county gun boards. Unlike the national organizations, MCRGO CPL classes have a Michigan specific focus on carry outside the home. The legal portion of the class is taught by the state’s most prominent firearms attorneys. MCRGO’s professional staff is easy to reach throughout the week to address your questions and concerns. Taking a MCRGO CPL class gives you a full year of membership in the organization including the popular Ask an Attorney feature. MCRGO doesn’t hound its members for extra donations. MCRGO will never sell, lend, lease, or otherwise distribute your personal information to outside parties including political candidates.


Step 2: Apply with your County Clerk

Once you successfully complete your class, you will be given a certificate. You have five years from the date the certificate is issued to apply for your concealed pistol license with your county clerk. The cost of the initial concealed pistol license is $100 plus an additional $15 for fingerprinting or $115 total. Fingerprinting will most often be done by the county sheriff but can also be done by another entity including the county clerk if it provides accepted fingerprinting capability. It is no longer necessary to bring in photographs as the digital photo on your state identification will be supplied by the Michigan Secretary of State. If approved, you will generally receive your license within two weeks. A Michigan CPL is valid until the applicant’s date of birth that falls not less than four years or more than five years after the license is issued. You can find the Michigan CPL application and instructions online HERE.


Step 3: Join MCRGO

If you take a MCRGO CPL class, you will be given a one year membership in the organization. While membership in MCRGO is not required to carry concealed in Michigan, this page explains the benefits of being a MCRGO member. You can join MCRGO without taking a CPL class HERE.


Step 4: Become an Instructor

If you’ve held a Michigan Concealed Pistol License for at least one year and are interested in training others, you can apply to become a MCRGO CPL Instructor HERE.