MCRGO-PAC 2018 Candidate Ratings

Candidates filing for governor, state senate, and state representative for the August 2018 primary were asked to fill out a short 10 question yes/no survey sent to their campaign mailing address on file with the Michigan Secretary of State Bureau of Elections. Candidates were rated based on their responses to this survey. Candidates are marked down one letter grade for every answer that differs from MCRGO’s positions as established by its member elected Board of Directors. Incumbent candidates may also have their ratings adjusted based on their votes on firearms related legislation during the current legislative session. No ratings will be adjusted, added, or removed following the August primary election. Candidates who fail to submit a survey before the August primary will not receive a rating or be eligible for endorsement in the general election. Endorsements for the November general election will be based off of ratings from the primary election. Ratings and endorsements are made objectively by a balanced multi-partisan PAC committee with no preference shown for political affiliation. No direct bias is given to incumbents over their challengers although incumbents with an anti-gun legislative history will have their ratings adjusted as a result of that history. MCRGO members may inquire about the cause of a rating for their legislative district by e-mailing

You can view the 2018 MCRGO-PAC Candidate Survey HERE.

You can view your sample ballot (including districts) HERE.

The 2018 Primary Election MCRGO-PAC Ratings

  • Only candidates returning a survey received a letter grade.
  • @ means a Senator who voted against Provisional CPLs for 18-20 year olds.
  • # means a Senator who voted against Enhanced CPLs (General PFZ Exemption)
  • & means a Representative who voted against Permitless Carry
Governor REPUBLICAN Schuette A
Governor REPUBLICAN Hines A
Governor REPUBLICAN Colbeck A
Governor REPUBLICAN Calley A
Governor LIBERTARIAN Tatar B
Senate 1 REPUBLICAN Montie B
Senate 1 DEMOCRAT Chang &
Senate 1 DEMOCRAT Scott F
Senate 2 REPUBLICAN Papas A
Senate 2 DEMOCRAT Gannan D
Senate 2 DEMOCRAT Hollier F
Senate 3 REPUBLICAN Stecker D
Senate 3 DEMOCRAT Santana &
Senate 5 REPUBLICAN Wilkins B
Senate 5 DEMOCRAT Knezek @#
Senate 6 DEMOCRAT Geiss &
Senate 7 LIBERTARIAN LeBlanc A
Senate 8 REPUBLICAN Lucido A
Senate 10 REPUBLICAN Bogdan A
Senate 10 REPUBLICAN Shallal A
Senate 10 LIBERTARIAN Saliba A
Senate 11 DEMOCRAT Moss &
Senate 11 LIBERTARIAN Young B
Senate 12 REPUBLICAN Tedder A
Senate 12 REPUBLICAN McCready C
Senate 13 REPUBLICAN Knollenberg #
Senate 14 DEMOCRAT Waisanen C
Senate 15 REPUBLICAN Runestad A
Senate 15 REPUBLICAN Saari A
Senate 16 REPUBLICAN Shirkey A
Senate 17 REPUBLICAN Zorn A
Senate 17 LIBERTARIAN McNamara A
Senate 19 REPUBLICAN Bizon A
Senate 19 REPUBLICAN Callton A
Senate 20 LIBERTARIAN Wenke D
Senate 21 REPUBLICAN LaSata A
Senate 22 REPUBLICAN Marinaro D
Senate 22 REPUBLICAN Theis A
Senate 23 REPUBLICAN Denny A
Senate 23 DEMOCRAT Hertel Jr. @#
Senate 24 REPUBLICAN Barrett A
Senate 24 LIBERTARIAN Nepton A
Senate 26 REPUBLICAN Genetski A
Senate 30 REPUBLICAN DeBoer B
Senate 30 REPUBLICAN Haveman A
Senate 30 REPUBLICAN Victory A
Senate 30 LIBERTARIAN Buzuma A
Senate 31 REPUBLICAN Daley A
Senate 31 REPUBLICAN Glenn A
Senate 32 REPUBLICAN Horn B
Senate 33 REPUBLICAN Alexander D
Senate 33 REPUBLICAN Outman A
Senate 33 DEMOCRAT Bignell F
Senate 34 REPUBLICAN Bumstead A
Senate 34 REPUBLICAN Hughes A
Senate 35 REPUBLICAN Franz C
Senate 35 REPUBLICAN Rendon A
Senate 35 REPUBLICAN VanderWall A
Senate 35 LIBERTARIAN Coon D
Senate 36 REPUBLICAN Stamas A
Senate 37 REPUBLICAN Gurr A
Senate 37 REPUBLICAN Schmidt A
Senate 37 DEMOCRAT Page F
Senate 38 REPUBLICAN Carey A
Senate 38 REPUBLICAN McBroom A
Senate 38 DEMOCRAT Dianda A
House 1 LIBERTARIAN Creswell A
House 3 DEMOCRAT Byrd &
House 4 REPUBLICAN Weathington B
House 7 DEMOCRAT Garrett &
House 7 DEMOCRAT Jones F
House 8 REPUBLICAN Parker F
House 8 DEMOCRAT Gay Dagnogo &
House 10 DEMOCRAT Love &
House 11 DEMOCRAT Jones &
House 12 DEMOCRAT Shelton D
House 13 DEMOCRAT Liberati D&
House 14 REPUBLICAN Stasik F
House 14 DEMOCRAT Clemente &
House 15 DEMOCRAT Hammoud &
House 18 DEMOCRAT Hertel &
House 20 REPUBLICAN Noble A
House 21 DEMOCRAT Pagan &
House 22 DEMOCRAT Chirkun B
House 23 DEMOCRAT Camilleri &
House 26 DEMOCRAT Ellison &
House 27 DEMOCRAT Wittenberg &
House 28 DEMOCRAT Green &
House 28 LIBERTARIAN Manier A
House 29 REPUBLICAN Carrier B
House 31 DEMOCRAT Sowerby &
House 32 REPUBLICAN Hornberger B
House 34 DEMOCRAT Neeley &
House 35 REPUBLICAN Alfonsetti III A
House 35 DEMOCRAT Meyers F
House 36 REPUBLICAN Czasak A
House 36 REPUBLICAN Stanis A
House 36 REPUBLICAN Potchynok-Lund A
House 36 DEMOCRAT Murphy B
House 37 REPUBLICAN Swoboda A
House 37 DEMOCRAT Greig &
House 38 REPUBLICAN Crawford C&
House 39 REPUBLICAN Hoyt F
House 39 REPUBLICAN Kosmatka A
House 39 LIBERTARIAN Croff D
House 40 REPUBLICAN Banerian B
House 40 REPUBLICAN Secrest F
House 40 REPUBLICAN Taros A
House 40 REPUBLICAN Zane A
House 40 REPUBLICAN Wolkinson A
House 40 REPUBLICAN Bossardet A
House 42 REPUBLICAN Bollin B
House 43 REPUBLICAN Aliaga A
House 43 REPUBLICAN Bartolotta C
House 43 REPUBLICAN Schroeder A
House 44 REPUBLICAN Maddock A
House 45 REPUBLICAN Webber A
House 46 REPUBLICAN Reilly A
House 47 REPUBLICAN Vaupel A
House 48 REPUBLICAN Cross A
House 49 DEMOCRAT Wright D
House 50 DEMOCRAT Sneller &
House 51 REPUBLICAN Anderton A
House 51 REPUBLICAN Mueller A
House 51 REPUBLICAN Shapiro A
House 51 REPUBLICAN Shetron A
House 52 DEMOCRAT Lasinski &
House 53 REPUBLICAN Holland A
House 53 DEMOCRAT Rabhi &
House 54 DEMOCRAT Casey F
House 54 DEMOCRAT Peterson &
House 55 REPUBLICAN Todd C
House 59 REPUBLICAN Miller A
House 60 REPUBLICAN Baker A
House 60 DEMOCRAT Hoadley &
House 62 REPUBLICAN Morgan B
House 63 REPUBLICAN Foust B
House 63 REPUBLICAN Hall A
House 63 REPUBLICAN Maturen &
House 64 REPUBLICAN Alexander A
House 65 REPUBLICAN Eyer B
House 66 REPUBLICAN Griffin C
House 67 REPUBLICAN Clark B
House 67 REPUBLICAN Thomas B
House 69 REPUBLICAN Nastas C
House 70 REPUBLICAN Lower A
House 71 REPUBLICAN Barnes A
House 72 REPUBLICAN Johnson A
House 72 LIBERTARIAN Lewis A
House 73 REPUBLICAN Regan A
House 75 DEMOCRAT LaGrand &
House 77 REPUBLICAN Brann B
House 78 REPUBLICAN Hinkle A
House 78 REPUBLICAN Mann A
House 78 REPUBLICAN Paquette A
House 78 REPUBLICAN Bury A
House 79 REPUBLICAN Moen B
House 79 REPUBLICAN Rolling C
House 79 REPUBLICAN Wendzel A
House 80 REPUBLICAN Whiteford C
House 80 DEMOCRAT Ludwig F
House 81 REPUBLICAN Mahaney B
House 81 REPUBLICAN Stocker A
House 81 REPUBLICAN Turke F
House 81 REPUBLICAN Williams A
House 83 REPUBLICAN Hernandez A
House 84 REPUBLICAN Green A
House 85 REPUBLICAN Frederick A
House 86 REPUBLICAN Albert A
House 88 REPUBLICAN Bosch A
House 88 REPUBLICAN Minier B
House 89 REPUBLICAN Lilly A
House 90 REPUBLICAN Slagh B
House 91 REPUBLICAN Jager C
House 92 DEMOCRAT Sabo &
House 93 REPUBLICAN Anderson B
House 93 REPUBLICAN Filler A
House 93 REPUBLICAN Hill A
House 96 REPUBLICAN Kowalski F
House 96 DEMOCRAT Elder &
House 98 REPUBLICAN Glenn A
House 98 REPUBLICAN Hamann A
House 100 REPUBLICAN VanSingel A
House 101 REPUBLICAN Cater B
House 101 REPUBLICAN O’Malley A
House 102 REPUBLICAN Hoitenga A
House 106 REPUBLICAN Allor C
House 108 REPUBLICAN LaFave A
House 110 REPUBLICAN LaCosse A
House 110 REPUBLICAN Markkanen A
House 110 REPUBLICAN Schott A
House 110 REPUBLICAN Tervo A