MCRGO-PAC 2018 Candidate Endorsements

Candidates filing for governor, state senate, and state representative for the August 2018 primary were asked to fill out a short 10 question yes/no survey sent to their campaign mailing address on file with the Michigan Secretary of State Bureau of Elections. Candidates were rated based on their responses to this survey. Candidates endorsements for the November 2018 General Election were determined based on those ratings. In seats with a proven pro-gun incumbent who returned a survey, the incumbent was endorsed over a pro-gun challenger. In open seats, all pro-gun candidates who returned a MCRGO survey were endorsed.

Candidates who failed to submit a survey before the August primary or who scored less than a B rating on their survey are ineligible for endorsement in the general election. Ratings and endorsements are made objectively by a balanced multi-partisan PAC committee with no preference shown for political affiliation. MCRGO members may inquire about the reasoning for an endorsement for their legislative district by e-mailing MCRGO-PAC does not endorse in federal races. For U.S. Senate and U.S House races, please consult the NRA-PVF endorsements HERE.

You can view the 2018 MCRGO-PAC Candidate Survey HERE.

You can view your sample ballot (including districts) HERE.

MCRGO-PAC’s 2018 Endorsed Candidates:

Governor REPUBLICAN Schuette
Senate 1 REPUBLICAN Montie
Senate 2 REPUBLICAN Papas
Senate 5 REPUBLICAN Wilkins
Senate 7 LIBERTARIAN LeBlanc
Senate 8 REPUBLICAN Lucido
Senate 10 LIBERTARIAN Saliba
Senate 11 LIBERTARIAN Young
Senate 15 REPUBLICAN Runestad
Senate 16 REPUBLICAN Shirkey
Senate 17 REPUBLICAN Zorn
Senate 19 REPUBLICAN Bizon
Senate 21 REPUBLICAN LaSata
Senate 22 REPUBLICAN Theis
Senate 24 REPUBLICAN Barrett
Senate 24 LIBERTARIAN Nepton
Senate 30 REPUBLICAN Victory
Senate 30 LIBERTARIAN Buzuma
Senate 31 REPUBLICAN Daley
Senate 32 REPUBLICAN Horn
Senate 33 REPUBLICAN Outman
Senate 34 REPUBLICAN Bumstead
Senate 35 REPUBLICAN VanderWall
Senate 36 REPUBLICAN Stamas
Senate 37 REPUBLICAN Schmidt
Senate 38 REPUBLICAN McBroom
Senate 38 DEMOCRAT Dianda
House 1 LIBERTARIAN Creswell
House 4 REPUBLICAN Weathington
House 20 REPUBLICAN Noble
House 22 DEMOCRAT Chirkun
House 28 LIBERTARIAN Manier
House 29 REPUBLICAN Carrier
House 32 REPUBLICAN Hornberger
House 35 REPUBLICAN Alfonsetti III
House 36 DEMOCRAT Murphy
House 37 REPUBLICAN Swoboda
House 39 REPUBLICAN Berman
House 40 REPUBLICAN Wolkinson
House 42 REPUBLICAN Bollin
House 43 REPUBLICAN Schroeder
House 44 REPUBLICAN Maddock
House 45 REPUBLICAN Webber
House 46 REPUBLICAN Reilly
House 47 REPUBLICAN Vaupel
House 51 REPUBLICAN Mueller
House 53 REPUBLICAN Holland
House 59 REPUBLICAN Miller
House 60 REPUBLICAN Baker
House 62 REPUBLICAN Morgan
House 63 REPUBLICAN Hall
House 64 REPUBLICAN Alexander
House 66 REPUBLICAN Griffin
House 67 REPUBLICAN Clark
House 70 REPUBLICAN Lower
House 71 REPUBLICAN Barnes
House 72 REPUBLICAN Johnson
House 74 REPUBLICAN Huizenga
House 77 REPUBLICAN Brann
House 78 REPUBLICAN Paquette
House 79 REPUBLICAN Wendzel
House 80 REPUBLICAN Whiteford
House 83 REPUBLICAN Hernandez
House 84 REPUBLICAN Green
House 85 REPUBLICAN Frederick
House 86 REPUBLICAN Albert
House 89 REPUBLICAN Lilly
House 90 REPUBLICAN Slagh
House 93 REPUBLICAN Filler
House 98 REPUBLICAN Glenn
House 100 REPUBLICAN VanSingel
House 101 REPUBLICAN O’Malley
House 102 REPUBLICAN Hoitenga
House 108 REPUBLICAN LaFave
House 110 REPUBLICAN Markkanen