MCRGO Competitive Pistol Program

MCRGO is committed to the promotion of responsible firearm ownership and use. To that end MCRGO has developed a Competitive Pistol Program designed to enhance positive and safe firearms use and activities. This program is planned to give competitors an opportunity to practice and improve their pistol skills in a competitive environment. Our competition seeks to promote Michigan firearms clubs, ranges, and FFLs that share our commitment to safety and positive firearms activities.

Shooters are to supply their own firearms and ammo. MCRGO may prohibit certain types of firearms and/or ammo at the regional and state levels.

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Club Qualification: There is no cost at the local level to MCRGO for entry in the program. Local events do not pay a affiliation fee to MCRGO and may charge their own entry fee. Shooters do not need to be MCRGO members. Clubs, ranges, and FFLs may organize their own competitive shooting events as they see fit. Participation is a collaborative effort with MCRGO but does not create a joint venture or affiliation by and between MCRGO and the host organization and is not insured by MCRGO. A club, range, or FFL may send up to five contestants to each match at the regional level to be named to MCRGO no later than July 1. MCRGO will heavily promote local level competitions to both promote these events and to encourage shooters to join local participating clubs, ranges, and FFLs. Local organizations interested in participating should contact MCRGO as soon as possible to benefit from promotion.

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Regional Championships: Competitors must be MCRGO members to participate. Participants may join or renew a MCRGO membership at the discounted $20 event rate by cash, check or money order. Competitors must represent a club, range, or FFL (no independent competitors). Competitors may participate in one, some, or all of the 4 categories. Each category has a $20 entry fee. Each shooter may only shoot a stage once. Regional championships will be administered by MCRGO and will occur in Metro Detroit, Mid-Michigan, West Michigan, and northern Michigan. Competitors may only compete in the region corresponding to the MCRGO region in which their MCRGO member address is located with the Upper Peninsula and northern Lower Peninsula regions sharing the same regional level event. The top three individual competitors in each match will advance to the state level. Regional championships will happen in July and August.

State Championship: Competitors must advance from a regional championship. Each category the competitor participates in has a $30 entry fee. Each competitor may shoot a stage twice and select the better scoring target. The best scoring individual competitor in each category will be considered the champion and will be automatically entered in state championship the following year as the defending champion at no charge being able to bypass their regional championship. The state championship will be administered by MCRGO and will be held in the early fall.

Awards: There is no monetary award. Champions at the regional and state levels will be recognized in MCRGO’s On Target newsletter, in the MCRGO E’News, and on social media. Regional level finalists will be given recognition awards. State level champions will be mailed a personalized engraved plaque.

Revenue: Revenue from entry fees will be used to support the Competitive Pistol Program including the purchase of targets, equipment, range rental, non-monetary awards, and to support MCRGO’s general liability insurance policy which covers regional and state championship events.


FOUR Categories of pistols:

A: Rimfire, all calibers
B: Center fire revolver, all calibers
C: Semi-automatic center fire, less than .40 caliber
D: Semi-automatic center fire, .40 caliber or greater

THREE Stages:

1. Slow fire at 50 yards (two 10-shot strings, 10 minutes per string). A scope may be used.
2. Timed fire at 25 yards (four 5-shot strings, 20 seconds per string). A scope is not allowed.
3. Rapid fire at 25 yards (four 5-shot strings, 10 seconds per string). A scope is not allowed.

Reflex, reflector, red dot, or other electronic or optical sights are considered scopes even if they offer no magnification or illumination. Lasers are prohibited.

MCRGO will use NRA official targets corresponding to each stage for all matches. No artificial supports are allowed. Shooting is to be one handed only -no supporting hand or arm.

Premature shooting, failure to finish within time limits, and shooting more than the allowed number of rounds will result in disqualification from a match.

MCRGO will appoint a 3-member jury prior to a regional or state championship. No member of the jury may be a competitor or the immediate family member of a competitor (spouse, child, sibling, parent, or grandparent). The jury may use the NRA Pistol Rules to administer a championship and resolve any protests. Only a competitor may enter a protest.

See: NRA Pistol Rules

: MCRGO Directors, MCRGO staff, or members of the MCRGO Education Committee may not compete in any match without a specific waiver of the Board of Directors of MCRGO. The MCRGO Match Director reserves the right to deny or disqualify any contestant for any reason and may offer the return of an entry fee. Contestants disqualified by a Range Officer for unsafe behavior or by the MCRGO Match Director for failure to follow competition rules will not be offered a return of an entry fee.

Contact: or (517) 484-2746