MCRGO Board Election 2021


MCRGO is a member-based, member-driven, member-run organization. The organization’s governing body, the MCRGO Board of Directors is an 11 person team elected by members from the organization’s membership. The board meets at least quarterly, most commonly by conference call, and annually at Lansing in early December for the membership’s annual meeting.

All current members as of July 1, 2021 are welcome to run for the board. For the 2021 election, one member will be elected representing each of the five geographic regions.

Elections will be by electronic ballot using the secure Simply Voting website beginning on Sunday, August 1 through Tuesday, August 31 and by paper ballot through the Summer 2021 On Target to be published in July 2021. Full results of the election will be emailed to all candidates after midnight on September 1, 2021. New board member terms will begin at the start of the 2021 annual meeting in Lansing the first Friday of December.

Members wishing to run for a a seat on MCRGO’s Board of Directors should mail a notarized application with original signature to MCRGO; P.O. Box 2294; Grand Rapids, MI 49501 postmarked no later than Thursday, July 1, 2021. Applications may not be sent by email. The application can be found HERE.

After mailing your application, please email to

-Your profile (maximum 250 words) which should include a short biography, involvement with MCRGO, and your vision for the organization’s future. This information will be distributed to MCRGO membership on the electronic ballot and in the Summer 2021 On Target newsletter.

-A digital headshot in JPEG OR PNG format.

Once the MCRGO Executive Director has confirmed that all of the minimum requirements set forth in the by-laws are met, successful applicants will become official candidates for the MCRGO Board of Directors. A list of approved candidates will be available throughout the application period at

Key Points to Remember:

-Applications must be postmarked no later than Thursday, July 1, 2021.
-Applicants must be current MCRGO members as of July 1, 2021.
-Applications must be notarized and sent by U.S. Mail.
-Applicants must select a region for which they are running that matches the county of their mailing address on file with MCRGO.
-Profiles and photos must be emailed (digital format) rather than mailed.

All candidates will be confirmed by Friday, July 9, 2021.


Approved Candidates as of 6.21.21


Upper Peninsula

Steven Sanderson of Republic (MARQUETTE)

Northern Lower

Dawn Martin of Luther (LAKE)

South East

Rep. Philip A. Green of Millington (TUSCOLA)

South Central

Steven W. Dulan of East Lansing (INGHAM)
Art Joslin of Pinckney (LIVINGSTON)

South West

Nathan J. DeWeerd of Walker (KENT)
Blair Davis of Allegan (ALLEGAN)