Why Join MCRGO?

  • The great majority of firearms laws that affect you come from our state constitution and state laws rather than the federal government. This includes our right to carry outside our homes both openly and concealed.
  • Created in 1996 by concealed pistol advocates in the successful fight to implement “shall-issue” concealed carry in Michigan, MCRGO is Michigan’s largest non-profit, state-based firearms organization.
  • MCRGO is the the most influential advocate to the Michigan Legislature for protecting and expanding your rights as a gun owner. It is the only organization that includes current and former legislators on its member elected Board of Directors. While other organizations react to firearms legislation, MCRGO is driving the legislative agenda.
  • MCRGO is the only firearms organization in Michigan with paid full time staff available throughout the week to answer your questions. Our executive director has 15 years of experience working on firearms related legislation in the Michigan House of Representatives. Our attorney and spokesman is a nationally recognized gun rights advocate.
  • MCRGO works in active cooperation with the National Rifle Association on a broad range of firearms and shooting sports issues and assists allied groups including Students for Concealed Carry, Michigan Open Carry, Michigan Gun Owners, gun clubs, sportsman’s organizations and state and local law enforcement.

What your membership dues include:

  • The satisfaction of a good citizen in knowing that in addition to protecting your family, friends and neighbors by making the decision to carry concealed, you’re also fighting to protect your and their constitutional rights to self defense. MCRGO membership puts you in the vanguard of Michigan concealed pistol license holders.
  • Support of MCRGO’s heavy involvement in the politics of maintaining and improving firearms rights. Politics is a game of numbers and every member is needed and appreciated.
  • MCRGO’s quarterly “On Target” newsletter providing detailed background on MCRGO’s current work on efforts such as strengthening preemption laws, eliminating no carry zones, ending the practice of granting special firearms rights to special groups, and promoting firearms recreation including both hunting and sport shooting as well as exclusive feature stories and interviews with the people fighting for our rights as responsible gun owners.
  • MCRGO’s weekly Monday morning E’News answering questions submitted by fellow members.
  • Access to MCRGO’s members-only features at www.mcrgo.org including the popular “Ask the Lawyer” section.
  • Support of MCRGO’s public firearms advocacy efforts though traditional media including guest editorials in local Michigan newspapers, interviews on radio and television and participation in community forums and local government meetings as well as electronic media including MCRGO’s website which provides CPL and firearms FAQs, instructor referrals and MCRGO’s very active Facebook page.