MCRGOPAC representatives are actively involved with legislators in Michigan. We have become the “gun group” to which legislators turn to when they want an Endorsement from a Gun Group in Michigan.

Our Political Action Committee (PAC), registered with the State of Michigan, Bureau of Elections, has helped many pro-firearm legislators in state-wide elections. MCRGOPAC was particularly helpful in recent elections supporting Pro Firearms Legislators, many in close elections. We do make a difference. We will make a difference in the upcoming election.

The 2016 General Election MCRGO-PAC endorsements
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Matt Schonert 4th Republican
Erik Soderquist 12th Republican  
Darrell Stasik 14th Republican  
Laura Cox 19th Republican  
Bob Howey 23rd Republican  
Randy LeVasseur 26th Republican  
Lisa Valeria-Nowc 31st Republican  
Pamela Hornberger 32nd Republican  
Peter J. Lucido 36th Republican  
Mitch Swoboda 37th Republican  
Kathy S. Crawford 38th Republican  
Klint Kesto 39th Republican  
Jim Tedder 43rd Republican  
Michael Webber 45th Republican  
Hank Vaupel 47th Republican  
Phil Phelps 49th Democratic
Tim Sneller 50th Democratic  
Randy Clark 52nd Republican  
Kevin Jardine 54th Republican  
Bronna Kahle 57th Republican  
Aaron Miller 59th Republican  
John Bizon 62nd Republican  
Julie Alexander 64th Republican  
Leon R. Clark 67th Republican  
George Nastas 69th Republican  
James A. Lower 70th Republican  
Steven Johnson 72nd Republican  
Rob Verheulen 74th Republican  
Kim LaSata 79th Republican  
Mary Whiteford 80th Republican  
Dan Lauwers 81st Republican  
Gary Howell 82nd Republican  
Shane Hernandez 83rd Republican  
Ben Frederick 85th Republican  
Thomas A. Albert 86th Republican  
Julie Calley 87th Republican  
Roger Victory 88th Republican  
Holly Hughes 91st Republican  
Tom Leonard 93rd Republican  
David Scholl 96th Republican  
Jason Wentworth 97th Republican  
Gary Glenn 98th Republican  
Roger Hauck 99th Republican  
Curt VanderWall 101st Republican
Michele Hoitenga 102nd Republican
Daire L. Rendon 103rd Republican
Triston S. Cole 105th Republican
Sue Allor 106th Republican
Lee Chatfield 107th Republican
Beau Matthew LaFave 108th Republican
Kevin W. Pfister 109th Republican
Scott Dianda 110th Democratic