I’m Harry D. Akers and I teach the course that the State of Michigan approves and requires people to pass before they are allowed to apply for a Concealed Pistol License (CPL) – and then some.

My personal belief is that everyone has a God given right to protect themselves. As long as you are safe with a handgun and sane, I will help you pass this course.

I am not a military guy or a police officer. I don’t treat my students like I’m their “Drill Sergeant”. I am a civilian with over 40 years’ experience carrying a concealed pistol. I will teach you what the State requires and what is proper civilian carry and use of a handgun without you feeling like you just went through “Boot Camp”.

As a Member and Certified Instructor of both the MCRGO and the NRA (in 9 disciplines), I have been teaching the Michigan CPL Course for over 12 years and have hundreds of satisfied students.

Among other honors, I am ranked as a Distinguished Expert Pistol shooter and Chief Range Safety Officer with the NRA.

As part of my course (at no additional charge), you can use my guns for the class, I have a private gun range and do not charge you a range fee, My wife makes us a hot family style meal for lunch, and the coffee, bottled water and pop are free.

Being self-employed, I can work with you to meet your schedule and I have small classes so you get more personalized instruction.

So, come out and enjoy a day of talking guns and shooting with new friends – and (as long as you are competent, safe and sane) leave with your class completion Certificate!