Executive Directors Message

Winter 2017

The participation of MCRGO members in self defense rights activism is instrumental in advancing firearms law reform in Michigan. A large part of the success of our organization is due to your communication with legislators, friends and family about the importance of legal firearms ownership and carry outside the home. For those looking for more involvement, perhaps the single best thing you can do is to help others become concealed pistol license holders by being certified as an instructor. It’s easier than you may think.

Education is one of the three mission points of MCRGO. As of July 2016, the organization now has an instructor training program recognized by the Michigan State Police and all 83 counties in Michigan. We believe you will find MCRGO’s program to be one of the best available.

MCRGO’s Concealed Pistol License Safety & Training Program is Michigan specific. It is focused on carry outside the home as is intended with a concealed pistol license. The program has been developed by instructors and is continually being refined by instructors to provide a system that works well for instructors. MCRGO audits its instructor to ensure compliance with standards and state law and to prevent illegal “express” classes.

MCRGO’s program is cost competitive. Instructor certification is $200 for a two-day workshop and is valid for two years with a $50 two-year renewal following that. Workshops are offered six times a year around the state. Applicants who are not currently instructors for another agency must first take a MCRGO CPL class prior to the workshop to experience our training system and range exercises first-hand from a MCRGO instructor.

There is no need to spend up to $20 on training materials for each student that are only going to be stuffed in a drawer after a class. MCRGO charges instructors just $10 per student and that includes a one-year membership for the student. It provides the instructor with access to the instructional presentation, student certificates, and other forms. Because MCRGO requires that the legal portion be taught by an attorney, it also provides access to a legal video for instructors who are unable to use a live attorney -perfect for smaller classes. Free access to attorneys for interpretive legal questions after a class is offered as part of the membership for students.

MCRGO engages in paid marketing of our instructors while allowing instructors the freedom to develop their own business model and set their own tuition rates. We also encourage instructors to provide feedback to each other and MCRGO through a private Facebook group and at our annual spring instructor meeting. I can be reached by e-mail at brady@mcrgo.org with any questions regarding our training program.

Brady Schickinger, Executive Director