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Places to Avoid While Armed

Certain businesses in Michigan have either posted no-guns ‘signs’ or have indicated in their ‘business policy’ that persons lawfully licensed to carry concealed firearms for self defense are not welcome on their property or within their place of business.

This policy of denying Michigan’s most upstanding and law abiding men and women the right to resist criminal attack while shopping or doing business does not create a safe environment, as only law-abiding citizens will obey their signs. “No-Guns” signs simply mean that criminals have a lot less to worry about and may even be emboldened to commit armed criminal acts in these so-called “gun free environments”.

Although most businesses in Michigan have chosen not to post discriminatory signs against concealed pistol license holders, some have. Even though these businesses have the right to post no firearms allowed signs, it does NOT mean that they are “gun free environments” as criminals intent on robbery, or worse, will continue to be armed.View List

Executive Directors Note

Summer 2016: Perhaps the biggest change for the organization has received the least attention. After two long years of development, MCRGO has launched its training program. The MCRGO Safety & Training Concealed Pistol License program went on-line this past week. We will issue credentials to the first 30 instructors in July with a goal of 50 total instructors by the end of 2016. It’s our expectation to have nearly 1000 students by the end of the year. As each of these students automatically becomes a member of MCRGO, it will lead to significant growth in the organization, allowing us to expanding our activities and outreach … Read More

CPL Holders in Michigan

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Michigan & National News

Increasing number of Michigan women arming themselves
2016/07/22 – Michigan – clickondetroit.com
The national debate on gun control continues as some Americans call for bans and other say now more than ever citizens need the right to arm themselves. Local experts say one of the fastest growing groups of gun owners is women

Michigan company’s bulletproof vests flying off the shelves in Cleveland during RNC
2016/07/21 – Michigan – mlive.com
He’s heard two confirmed instances where his vests have saved lives, and heard two more unconfirmed, and he thinks about those lives, of good people who were able to get through a shooting unhurt

Ohio sheriff urges civilian staff to carry weapons at work
2016/07/20 – Ohio – nbc4i.com
A sheriff in southwest Ohio is encouraging civilians on his staff with licenses to carry guns to bring their weapons to work after recent attacks against police officers in other parts of the country

Jackson man shoots intruder early Sunday morning
2016/07/18 – Michigan – wilx.com
Neighbors aren’t trying to turn to violence to repel intruders, but some, like Spranger, hope this incident will make criminals think twice before breaking in to another home

8 questions to measure a quality shooting technique
2016/07/15 – guns.com
Those that are serious about self protection and training know that the only reason to train is to 1) avoid gun fights, if possible, and 2) win lethal confrontations

Conservation Club hosting ‘Gourmet Gone Wild’ and pistol shooting event for women only
2016/07/08 – Michigan – mlive.com
The Kent County Conservation League has set Aug. 16 for its next “Gourmet Gone Wild” and pistol shooting for women event. Registration is limited to first 40 women who sign up

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