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Places to Avoid While Armed

Certain businesses in Michigan have either posted no-guns ‘signs’ or have indicated in their ‘business policy’ that persons lawfully licensed to carry concealed firearms for self defense are not welcome on their property or within their place of business.

This policy of denying Michigan’s most upstanding and law abiding men and women the right to resist criminal attack while shopping or doing business does not create a safe environment, as only law-abiding citizens will obey their signs. “No-Guns” signs simply mean that criminals have a lot less to worry about and may even be emboldened to commit armed criminal acts in these so-called “gun free environments”.

Although most businesses in Michigan have chosen not to post discriminatory signs against concealed pistol license holders, some have. Even though these businesses have the right to post no firearms allowed signs, it does NOT mean that they are “gun free environments” as criminals intent on robbery, or worse, will continue to be armed.View List

Executive Directors Note

Summer 2015: It’s hard to believe that summer in Michigan is already half over. We’ve been very busy at MCRGO over the past several months since the April Second Amendment March and we have some exciting news to share.

Legislatively, with CPL Reform now signed into law, we’ve moved on to tackling pistol free zones. Senator Green has introduced Senate Bill 442 which will provide a shall-issue general exemption for pistol free zones to all concealed pistol license holders … Read More

CPL Holders in Michigan

Michigan & National News

Victim with Concealed Carry Permit and two suspects shot during armed robbery at Detroit bank
2015/09/04 – Michigan – wxyz.com
Police are still trying to determine exactly what happened, but officers say the robbery victim has a Concealed Carry Permit and defended himself

Armed teen shot after trying to steal sunglasses from man with concealed carry license in Detroit
2015/09/03 – Michigan – wxyz.com
Lanier has a concealed carry license and his mother is an instructor herself, who says she’s taught all of her sons how to responsibly operate a gun

Gun control groups accused of ‘swatting’ open-carry permit holders, putting lives at risk
2015/09/02 – Michigan – foxnews.com
Second Amendment groups are accusing the gun control lobby of putting law-abiding owners of firearms in danger by urging people to call the police on anyone carrying a gun in public

CC-C school board won’t fight Michigan’s open carry gun laws
2015/09/02 – Michigan – thedailynews.cc
Superintendent Kevin Murphy elaborated on the subject, noting that to fight against open carry on school property would be a losing battle

Have We Won The Fight For Gun Rights?
2015/09/01 – Michigan – ammoland.com
The sword is not a killer. It is a tool in the killer’s hand

With less training required, more central Ohioans file to carry concealed guns
2015/08/31 – Ohio – dispatch.com
When the training requirements were longer, instructors had a lot of “filler” material, he said. Now, permit applicants can watch a series of videos online and then complete range training before their test

Video: Pistol-packin’ pastors
2015/08/28 – New Jersey – my9nj.com
Two New Jersey pastors say they would like to have concealed carry permits to protect their churches. “Out of a state of 9 million people, you have about 1,600 people that have carry permits. Those are all judges, politicians, friends of the politicians and…”

Video: Is G2R R.I.P. ammo really all it’s cracked up to be?
2015/08/27 – guns.com
pros: the RIP round looks menacing and it’s way cool that someone was thinking outside of the box. Cons: I’m not sure this round offers anything much different than a lead fragmentation round

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